Homemade Almond Milk
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Homemade Almond Milk

Dairy free milk found in stores usually contains a lot of unnecessary additives. All you really need is almonds and water. I like making my own homemade almond milk so I can know exactly what’s in it. I can also use my own, fresh, whole ingredients. Here’s a super easy, step by step guide to making your own homemade almond milk. This recipe yields 2 pints of almond milk.

Step one: Pour one cup of raw almonds into a bowl and add enough filtered water to cover them. Place a lid on the bowl and allow the almonds to soak for 8-12 hours.

Step two: (Optional) To get the smoothest almond milk, remove the skins of the soaked almonds by rubbing each one between your fingers. The skin should slip right off.

Step three: Rinse the soaked almonds and add them to your blender, along with with 2 cups of filtered water, and blend for about a minute.

Step four: Place a nut milk bag or tea towel into a large bowl. Empty the blender into the bag. Squeeze the bag to separate the liquid into the bowl. You will now have a cup of raw almond flour in the bag. Use this in future recipes, like this raw caramel brownie sundae.

Lastly, transfer your almond milk to a storage container and refrigerate.

This homemade almond milk can be enjoyed on its own, over raw fruit cereal, or you can use it in other raw recipes.

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