Kitchen Tools

You can, of course, get started with raw vegan food using tools you already have. There are, however, a lot of helpful kitchen tools that make raw vegan life much easier. 

This is a list of my favorite kitchen tools with links to budget friendly, mid-range, and luxury options that I personally love. I may receive a small commission if you decide to purchase any of these items through these links.


First on my list of essential tools for raw vegan food preparation is a high speed blender. It’s really hard to get by without one. You can use it for making everything from smoothies and soups to salad dressings and even flour.

Here are my recommendations for best bang for your buck blender:


Food Processor

Honestly, you can probably get by with just a blender. The food processor is just really good at chopping, dicing, smashing, and grinding in ways blenders simply cannot. While blenders are good for making smooth things like salad dressings, food processors are better for more chunky things like raw pie crusts.


This one is a raw vegan kitchen appliance I use regularly, but not every raw foodist sees it as an essential. You may have tried carefully monitoring oven temperatures whilst drying your zucchini chips or whatever, but in the end at least a few of them get overdone, lots of electricity is wasted, and your oven has been tied up for 15 hours.

Dehydrators are designed to slowly dry out foods. They gently circulate air and keep temperatures regulated to guarantee your food retains as many valuable nutrients as possible.


Depending on who you are and how you feel about zoodles, you may only want to have a small handheld spiralizer at the ready, or maybe none at all. I, for one, couldn’t imagine life without faux veggie noodles. You can even spiralize fruit if you want to add a new texture to your smoothie bowls. 

You can get spiralizer attachments for food processors and electric mixers, but if you don’t have those or just want a standalone spiralizer, here are some options:


The stuff that doesn’t fit into a category.

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