Raw Probiotic Almond Yogurt

Raw Probiotic Almond Yogurt

There are lots of non-dairy yogurt alternatives on the market, but they are usually not raw. They usually also contain unnecessary (and sometimes unhealthy) additives. I like to make my own raw probiotic almond yogurt at home. It’s so easy to make and takes only a few simple ingredients.

You can eat this raw probiotic almond yogurt on its own or with added sweetener and toppings. It makes a great topping for anything from soup to pancakes. Try adding it to smoothies to make them extra creamy. It can be used in other recipes too. It would, for instance, make a deliciously tangy salad dressing!

The process is so simple, but it involves a bit of waiting. You can make this yogurt in the evening before bed and it will be ready for breakfast the next morning.

Additional Notes:
It’s important to use home made almond milk in this recipe to avoid preservatives or other ingredients that could inhibit fermentation. You can learn how to make your own raw almond milk for this recipe here.

I use these vegan probiotic capsules to make my yogurt.

In the unlikely event that you notice a foul smell or mold formation, it’s best to discard the yogurt and start over.

Raw Probiotic Almond Yogurt

Yield: 2 pints



  • Add almond milk and thickener to blender, break open the probiotic capsules and pour the contents into the blender as well. 
  • Blend well and pour into container(s) with lid(s) and attach the lids loosely, allowing air to escape.
  • Allow the mixture to ferment in a warm (74-85°F), dark place in your kitchen for 12-24 hours. The longer it ferments, the tangier the flavor will be.
  • After 12-24 hours, tighten the lid(s) and store the yogurt in the refrigerator.
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