Raw Sandwich Bread

Raw Sandwich Bread

This delicious raw vegan sandwich bread is gluten free, soft and fluffy, and perfect for making raw sandwiches. I love stacking tons of veggies, sprouts, and my favorite raw spreads between a couple of slices to make a healthy, hearty lunch. It’s packed with protein and fiber to keep you full.

Why use sprouted buckwheat?

Sprouting is the process of seed germination, which involves many biochemical processes that are highly beneficial to us. Germination breaks down complex molecules into their simpler constituents. This makes the seeds easier for us to digest and their nutrients more readily available.

Buckwheat, a gluten free grain, has so many nutritional benefits that it’s often considered a superfood. It’s high in protein and fiber, as well as antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. It can help lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, improve heart health and digestion, and prevent diabetes.

In short, this raw sandwich bread is naturally nourishing and delicious!

Raw Sandwich Bread

Yield: 4 pieces



  • Blend ingredients in a food processor until a coarse dough forms.
  • Spread the dough onto a teflex lined dehydrator sheet and dehydrate until it feels firm (about 3 hours).
  • Cut into quarters and enjoy!
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